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Fish Tales:
The Club Newsletter

The Pasadena Casting Club provides a wealth of information to members through Fish Tales. The newsletter presents articles on outings, programs, fly tying, and conservation, as well as a calendar of events. These articles are written by members, other local fly fishing groups, and nationally known experts. 

Fish Tales is published on a monthly basis by the Pasadena Casting Club, and is mailed to the membership approximately a week prior to each monthly meeting. A limited number of complimentary copies are generally available to the public at the Clubhouse. Although changes are contemplated in the future, Fish Tales is not currently available in an electronic format.

There is something particularly interesting about reading accounts of your friends' fishing adventures, and something unusually rewarding about memorializing your own exploits in writing. Fish Tales offers all members the perfect opportunity for testing the waters in fly fishing journalism. Articles can be about trips, tackle, fly tying, or personal observations on the sport. Submissions and queries regarding Fish Tales may be directed to the editor, Will Trefry, at