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Founded in 1947, the Pasadena Casting Club is a group of fly fishing enthusiasts dedicated to the art of angling and casting, conservation, education, catch and release philosophy, and camaraderie through Club meetings, outings and events.
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2020 Past Programs!


August General Monthly Meeting
August 13, 2020 07:00 PM

Audrey Wilson's Journey to 
CI Certification and Mental Management Program

Audrey Wilson’s journey to CI certification, and competition success that led her to develop a mental management system; a system that can help any angler to mentally prepare for making that great cast to land that big fish! Join Audrey as she presents her system for success.

Audrey’s fly fishing journey began nearly 15 years ago. Her time on the water fly fishing allows her to disconnect and reflect, to be in touch with nature, to be centered, and to be her true self. She dreams of sharing that peace and unity with others. She began my Casting Instructor (CI) journey nearly 10 years ago. She is the first woman in Utah to get her CI. Her motivation, and dedication increased as her love for the art of casting grew over time. With that love grew her love for competing as well as her love for sharing it with others. Becoming a CI has enhanced her personal casting skills, as well as her ability to share and teach others. Becoming a CI has also allowed her the opportunity to be a part of a wonderful community of fly fishers, competitors, industry professionals, and more. Her short term personal goal is to start a journey in the industry as a career professional. She’s worked for the Air Force for 14 years as a business operations manager, and project manager and hopes to step away to apply her experience in the fly fishing industry. She is also the Casting For Recovery Utah Program Director, a non-profit organization she loves to support. Last, but not least, her continued success and accomplishments with the American Casting Association has sparked a passion, and goal to be a world champion caster in 2021!!


July General Monthly Meeting
July 9, 2020 07:00 PM
Chris Leonard

Web Conference, via Zoom (See below for details)

Due to the current Stay at Home order, our Monthly General Body Meeting will be conducted via online with a program called ZOOM.  To access the Zoom Meeting, please click the link below. 


Many of us have favorite spots in our home waters around Bishop, Mammoth and Bridgeport, but only a few have studied them with a guide’s eye. As we make the four hour drive up 395, the questions arise. Lower O in the morning, Hot Creek or the Upper in the afternoon? Carry on to Bridgeport and the East Walker? Where are the flows and is the wind going to blow us out of Long Ears (or Years, if you prefer.) Our July presenter, local guide and Mammoth resident Chris Leonard can help. His program looks at times of the year, fly choice, and tactics for the major Eastern Sierra streams. Veterans of these waters and those just starting their Sierra adventure will all learn from Chris’ insights. As the area is starting to re-open because of COVID, there is no better time to get the latest reports. 

Chris will bring to the club his local knowledge of how to improve your odds of a successful day on three of his favorite fisheries: Hot Creek, the Upper Owens, and the San Joaquin River. Hot Creek is undoubtedly Chris’s favorite moving water fishery. He averages about 75 days a year on this blue-ribbon creek. The Upper Owens is one of the most beginner friendly rivers in the area. And the San Joaquin River is an absolute gem. It is second to none in regard to the pristine beauty of its natural surroundings. Chris will discuss where, when, and how to best fish these waters. He will also touch a bit on two of his other favorite fisheries: The East Walker River and Crowley Lake. Please join us as we gear up for what is going to be a productive and lengthy summer of fly fishing in the Mammoth Lakes region.

Chris Leonard will be presenting his show remotely using the ZOOM platform and will leave time for questions at the end of the evening.

Contact Information

Chris Leonard
Phone Number: 818-288-3271

Article about recent bacteria outbreak in fish hatchery share by Chris Leonard


June General Monthly Meeting
June 11, 2020 07:00 PM
Jimmy Cheers
Web Conference, via Zoom (See below for details)

Due to the current Stay at Home order, our Monthly General Body Meeting will be conducted via online with a program called ZOOM.  To access the Zoom Meeting, please click the link below.

By: Jimmy Cheers

Our June program, Southern Tailwaters and Tactics, takes us to waters never covered by the California speaker circuit. If you think of the South as “bass only” territory, you will be pleasantly surprised to find trophy brown trout in the country music state. Located in North Eastern Tennessee, The SoHo (as the locals call it) is the best kept secret not just East of the Mississippi, but the whole world. With summer hatches as thick as a snowstorm, wild native browns rise to size 20 dry flies. These trophy fish will also chase streamers. We will be in good hands with our guide for the evening, Jimmy Cheers.

Jimmy is a native of the Southern Appalachian Mountains where he rapidly developed a passion for fly fishing early in life.  He grew up learning to fish on the banks of the famed South Holston River.  Foggy mornings were spent wading with his father, followed by afternoons in a drift boat chasing mayfly hatches with his grandfather.  

Jimmy Cheers has also provided a few videos on how to tie some flies. Enjoy!


Jimmy has also provided an additional PowerPoint about Bristol. Enjoy!


May Monthly Meeting Via Zoom
Anthony Carruesco
The Rivers of Northern California


Before you start planning that trip to Montana or Colorado, take time to marvel at the year round opportunities a mere 8 hour drive up the 5 freeway. Anthony and his guiding team at AC Fly Fishing are ready to show you the Lower and Upper Sacramento, Klamath, Pit and McCloud rivers. The menu includes rainbows, browns and pacific steelhead in the State’s most beautiful settings. Based in Redding, Anthony has put together an exceptional team of guides with decades of cumulative experience. The rivers around Redding can be fished from a drift boat or by wading – nymphs, dries, streamers, single hand or Spey – the choices are as varied as the rivers themselves. The small towns in the area offer plenty of diversion for the non-fishing spouse or partner. 

Anthony will be presenting his show remotely using the ZOOM platform and will leave time for questions at the end of the evening.


February 13,2020 General Meeting
The San Marino Masonic Lodge at 7pm
3130 Huntington Drive, San Marino, Ca 91108

Al Q will be speaking about Christmas Island 

Al Quattrocchi (aka Al Q) has been saltwater fly fishing and tying flies for over thirty five years. 
His personal mentors include Lefty Kreh, Neal Taylor, Nick Curcione and Bob Popovics. 


January 9th 2020 General Club Meeting
7pm at The San Marino Masonic Lodge
3130 Huntington Drive, San Marino, Ca 91108

Pat Jaeger will be speaking on Simplicity


It is well known that fly fishermen can complicate anything. We are all guilty of over thinking our tactics and bringing too much gear in pursuit of the very simple trout. In January we welcome back local guide and favorite Pat Jaeger who will help us get back to basics with an exciting program aptly titled CELEBRATING SIMPLICITY. Pat’s many years of guiding the Eastern Sierra and Northern California along with his mastery of Tenkara have given him a unique perspective on the essentials of our sport. Pat’s program will be preceded by what he calls a pre-show Fireside chat.

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