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Founded in 1947, the Pasadena Casting Club is a group of fly fishing enthusiasts dedicated to the art of angling and casting, conservation, education, catch and release philosophy, and camaraderie through Club meetings, outings and events.
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November  2019 Monthly Meeting

We are at The Masonic Lodge this month 

Thursday November 14th at 7PM



For many of us, dry fly fishing is the pinnacle of the sport. Who can resist the slow seductive rise of a hungry brown trout or the explosive surface action of feeding rainbows? However, in the heat of the moment when the hatch is on, wild casting and poor technique can send those feeding fish back to the depths of the stream. The dry fly game has its own rules – careful observation, accuracy and fly selection all play their part. It’s a tantalizing blend of frustration and elation. Luckily expert help is close at hand. Welcome back our November presenter, Jon Baiocchi, owner and head guide of Baiocchi’s Guide Service and an expert in the fine art of the dry fly.



October  2019 Monthly Meeting

We are at The Masonic Lodge this month 

Thursday October 10th at 7PM


Yosemite is a crown jewel of America’s National Parks.  Its iconic waterfalls and rock landscapes captivate millions of visitors a year.  The majority of these tourists barely scratch the surface.  Astute anglers will find some 250 fish bearing lakes and countless miles of rivers and creeks to explore.  Approximately 95% of the parks 1200 square miles are pristine wilderness and a must-fish for any California angler. The area gets less attention, and less fishing pressure than the better know Eastern Sierra.

Our October presenter, David Gregory has for the past decade formed a deep connection to Yosemite and the cool crystal waters of the Merced River. A classic trout stream of extreme beauty that will leave you feeling hooked. His program will take you on an aquatic adventure on the Gold Country Rivers – the Merced, Tuolumne and the Stanislaus

September 2019 Monthly Meeting

Thursday September 12th at 7PM

September is our Conservation Month and we will be hosting Heather Dyer. Heather is a Fish Biologist and Senior Water Resources Project Manager for The San Bernardino Valley Municipal Walter District



Heather has been working on the development of the Upper Santa Ana River Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) since its inception in 2014. The HCP will protect and enhance habitat for 22 native species of the Santa Ana River including the Santa Ana sucker, a federally protected fish species. She is currently working on early implementation of HCP conservation activities including captive breeding and reintroduction of Santa Ana sucker to the San Bernardino National Forest.  Heather is also in final planning stages for restoration of six tributaries to the Santa Ana River in the Riverside area that will enhance approximately five miles of stream habitat for native aquatic species. 


August  2019 Monthly Meeting

Thursday August 8th at 7PM



Presented By Our Good Friend Glen Ueda 


Fly Grabbing, hard fighting and simply beautiful with their golden coats complemented by splashes of white. Our World Class Calico Bass fishery is available 12 months a year here in Southern California. Whether from a boat, kayak, float tube or shore. Please plan on attending this informative seminar presented by Glen Ueda. He will help identify bass holding habitat, seasonal patterns and the tactics that will help you land more trophy calico bass

We will be listening to Glenn talk about Calico Bass while enjoying Ice Cream Bars