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Founded in 1947, the Pasadena Casting Club is a group of fly fishing enthusiasts dedicated to the art of angling and casting, conservation, education, catch and release philosophy, and camaraderie through Club meetings, outings and events.
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Participating Casting Clubs and Casters

Blue Grass Sportsman League

David Roberts

Central Kentucky Casting Club

M. Keith Sharp

Cincinnati Casting Club

Andy Statt

Beth Statt

Elmer Bergendahl

Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club

Chris Korich

Glenn McCormick

Maxine McCormick

Steve Rajeff

Tobias McCormick

Long Beach Casting Club

Colin Kumabe

Don Husman

Larry Allen

Mark Flo

Mark Lipe

Mark Tsunawaki

Nicholas Galvan

Rick Hilles

Oakland Casting Club

Audrey Wilson

Brian Ramsey

Elaine Gong

Glen Ozawa

Henry Mittel

John Thiele

Keith Pryor

Luis M. Montes

Mariano Domingo

Ralph Hardin

Pasadena Casting Club

Bob Moore

C. Eric Callow

Mario Rodriguez

Matt Donaldson

Michael T. Miller

Pittsburgh Casting Club

Edward Mutuizek