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Founded in 1947, the Pasadena Casting Club is a group of fly fishing enthusiasts dedicated to the art of angling and casting, conservation, education, catch and release philosophy, and camaraderie through Club meetings, outings and events.
Home111th ACA National Casting Championships

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The Nationals Are Here

Pasadena Casting Club is hosting the American Casting Association's 111th National Casting Championship 
August 1st - August 4th, starting at 8:30 AM and running through the day.
Thursday and Friday at Lot H at the Rosebowl
Saturday and Sunday at the Clubhouse

Come join the fun and meet expert casters from across the Nation as they cast and compete to win. On the roster are Henry Mittel, Steve Rajeff, Maxine McCormick (youngest female on USA Team) Plus our very own PCC Casters!

The 111th National Casting Tournament began Thursday, Aug. 1st starting at 8:30 AM on the grass field in front of the Rose Bowl in Lot H.


There contestants will be seeing just how far they can cast a fly or plug. These distance games will continue into Thursday as well. Parking is unlimited and you are very welcome to come watch.


Saturday, August 3rd, the tournament moved to the PCC Casting Pool where games of accuracy were held on both Saturday and Sunday and started at 8:30 AM.

Donations and Program Sponsorship make this event possible. To make a donation, Click Here!

Thank you for your support!

T-Shirts are STILL available for purchase at the Clubhouse on Sundays from 1pm to 5pm and at the monthly meeting. If you have any questions please feel free to email
Becky at